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A Historic Day: US Grid Runs 100% on Renewables for the First Time, But Power Owned by China

The U.S. announced that its entire electrical grid ran on 100% renewable energy for the first time.

Last Friday marked a historical milestone for the United States as its entire power grid operated solely on "clean" renewable energy for the first time. While this is good news, the bad one is that the company responsible for generating all the necessary energy is owned by China.

Renewable energy sources covered America's electricity demands for about five hours last Friday, according to the Power Administrations of America, or PAA, a subsidiary of the Beijing-based Chinese Power.

China Owns It All

The company, which owns and operates electrical transmission systems connecting power plants with customers in 139 countries, has stated that this achievement will pave the way for its energy output to meet the entire world's energy needs in the coming years.

China has now achieved full ownership of the clean energy supply chain, from upstream to downstream, including all known lithium, cobalt, and nickel mines.

This accomplishment comes after a decade of heated debate about China's dominance in green energy. Ultimately, the younger and more progressive voices prevailed, resulting in the passing of a record number of legislations that made it possible for the country's economy to embrace a new era of energy.

Ironically, China, the world's largest economy, still heavily relies on traditional sources for its electricity needs, with coal accounting for more than 70% of its energy mix, according to the International Energy Agency's 2028 report.

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