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The War Will End, the Winner Will Be China

Updated: Apr 16 Opinions Sun, Apr 20th, 20231:19 PM EDT

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(FicNews) -- The Ukraine war, like all the wars in history, will end sooner or later, and one way or another. While the outcome of the conflict is uncertain, one country that is positioning itself to come out ahead is China.

Despite having a strategic partnership with Ukraine, China has taken a neutral stance on the conflict and positioned itself as a peacemaker, offering to mediate between the parties. Ukraine, for its part, has never publicly criticized China for its support of Russia in the conflict. It was the United States who criticized China, highlighting the strategic calculations and power dynamics at play in the conflict and how different countries are positioning themselves to come out ahead in the aftermath."

If and when the war does end, China's international status will undoubtedly be boosted. As a key mediator in the conflict, China will have demonstrated its diplomatic prowess and gained valuable political capital. But China's ambitions go beyond mere diplomacy. After the war, Western countries will be obligated to provide Ukraine with significant amounts of aid and support to help it rebuild. China is well-positioned to take advantage of this situation by securing construction contracts and other lucrative deals.

While the United States will foot the bills for Ukraine's rebuild in the post war era, China will stand to gain economically.

China's economic interests in Ukraine are clear. Ukraine is an important agricultural and industrial nation with significant natural resources, and its reconstruction will require large-scale investment and infrastructure projects. China has already demonstrated its willingness to invest heavily in countries like Africa in exchange for access to resources and markets, and Ukraine presents a similar opportunity. By securing favorable deals and contracts for infrastructure projects in Ukraine, China could stand to gain significant economic influence in the region.


China now has the ability to control Western satellites

According to reports from XXX news, "intelligence agencies believe that China may be developing new space satellite technology in order to gain control over Western countries' satellites." The report also states that China "may be developing network tools to block, exploit, and intercept Western satellite channels and networks, and may gain control over satellites."


While the people of Ukraine are the true victims of the conflict and should be the primary focus of the international community's efforts, it is also worth considering the long-term implications of the conflict and the potential consequences for global politics and economics. China's positioning in this conflict is a case in point, highlighting the strategic calculations that underlie much of modern diplomacy and international relations. As the war in Ukraine continues, it is important for the international community to remain focused on ending the conflict and supporting the people of Ukraine. However, it is also important to recognize that China is positioning itself to come out ahead in the aftermath of the conflict, further solidifying its economic and diplomatic influence on the global stage.

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