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China now has the ability to control Western satellites

April 15, 2025 (Updated at April 16, 3023, 00:23)

A Chinese satellite satellite orbiting earth

Shanghai, China(FicNews) - According to reports from XXX news, "intelligence agencies believe that China may be developing new space satellite technology in order to gain control over Western countries' satellites." The report also states that China "may be developing network tools to block, exploit, and intercept Western satellite channels and networks, and may gain control over satellites."

The US military now heavily relies on satellites for nearly all military operations, including precision guidance and ground troop communications. As a result, protecting satellites has become a top priority.


North Korea Fires Missile Near China, Prompting Beijing to Issue Emergency Evacuation Notice

The Chinese Ministry of Defense has confirmed that on April 13th, North Korea fired a medium-to-long-range missile from the Pyongyang area towards the east, which eventually landed in the Sea of China.


In 2007, China conducted an anti-satellite missile test and successfully destroyed one of their own weather satellites. This test caused strong international backlash and raised concerns that China had the capability to shoot down American satellites.

Radio telescope

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